Massage Therapyby Connie

Why do we massage and is it done just because it feels nice?

  A Peace  ☮f  Happiness Therapeutic Massage

 Massage is designed to stimulate the circulation of the blood and lymph, increasing the supply of oxygen to the muscles, tissues, organs and throughout your entire body . It relaxes the muscles and enhances the flexibility of joints.  Massage also stimulates the nervous system,whether to relax or increase alertness.. Relaxation relieves the effects of stress which can cause many health problems.

Professional and positive touch encourages the body to feel at ease, once this happens the mind can relax and ideally switch off resulting in a profound state of calm and well being.

Massage can improve our appearance by relaxing tense muscles which can affect our posture and facial expressions. The increase in circulation improves the color and vitality of our skin.

Going beyond the swedish and relaxation benefits there are a myriad of health benefits that can be addressed with further types of therapy.  With the manipulation of muscle and fascia it sends a cascade of physiological and chemical changes throughout the body ~ profound effects can happen with body systems and vital organs … a few examples:

~High blood pressure clients experience lower blood pressure, anxiety and stress hormone=
Heart/Cardiovascular System

~Asthmatic children show better pulmonary function and peak air flow =
Respiratory system

~Burn injury patients report reduced pain, itching and anxiety=
Nervous System

Experts estimate that upwards of  90% of disease is stress related.

Muscles develop tension areas that cause pain and spasms. Pain is caused by ischemic muscle which means themuscle does not have proper blood flow~ this causes an unwanted cycle :

not enough blood flow =not receiving enough oxygen

not enough oxygen causes the muscle to produce toxins

toxins makes the muscle increasingly tense and sore and can cause lethargy and illness

Muscles have pain and develop areas that do not function properly, trigger point therapy or applying pressure to tender muscle, can relieve pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body.  Trigger point  work is thought to be by far the most effective means to treat chronic myofascial pain.

I utilize Trigger point work in both Thai Yoga Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

Myofacial Release is a very effective technique that utilizes sustained pressure into the fascia to relieve pain and restore motion.

Thai Yoga Massage addresses range of motion, energy work and specific conditions.

I am happy to take the time to listen and work with you to explore which therapy works best for you!