Massage Therapyby Connie


  A Peace  ☮f  Happiness Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy with Connie – by Appointment   
Tues ~ most Saturdays                                                              

I work in a therapeutic manner that aims to release chronic patterns of tension by

identifying imbalances in the body to treat the cause of pain rather, than just the symptoms.                               


                                             A Peace of Happiness Massage

The very best massage involves both mind and body which produces a profound state of calm and well being.

                                      Specialized work is subject to an extra charge      

                                                        30 Min        1Hour            1.5            2 hour

 Swedish Massage                                               $70            $100            $150

 Therapeutic :                                      $45            $80            $110

   Deep Tissue, Trigger Point                   
   Myofascial Release, Reflexology
   Neuromuscular Therapy, Stretching
   Acupressure/Thai Massage


  Cupping Therapy w/Massage                             $85           $115

 Full Body Cupping Therapy                                  $90          $120

 30 Minute Rejuvenation                   $55
        Face, Neck & Décolletage


Enhancements:  Add to any table massage

~$15  Warm Himalayan Salt Stones~Known for it's purity and mineral content Himalayan Salt offers 84 essential minerals including iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium to enhance your health.

~$20  Peppermint  Mask & Facial Marma Massage~Peppermint oil is a natural antiseptic with an ability to wake up worn-out skin and manage oil production. Marma's are energy points or acupressure points on the face that are massaged to renew vitality to skin and the whole body.

~$25 Facial Cupping Rejuvenation  ~ The muscles of the face respond positively with

the soft, non marking cups to release and plump lines, soften scar tissue, loosen muscles involved with TMJ, stimulate sinus drainage associated with allergies and sinus infection.

   ~ Swedish Massage  

               Swedish Massage is the manipulation of the superficial layers of muscles and soft  tissue for therapeutic purposes. A very light easy massage.  Massage is a great way to relieve everyday tension and the general aches and pains your body is suffering. It stimulates your lymphatic system, increasing immunity and the removal of excess toxins, while also stabilizing hormonal levels and balancing the glandular system.


~Certified Cupping Therapy ~


Cupping Therapy is an amazing technique that utilizes suction (gentle pulling) rather than pressure to pull stagnation out of tissues, making it easier for the circulatory and lymphatic systems to flush the waste out of the body and thus promoting healing.   It is safe, comfortable, and very effective at releasing muscles, draining excess toxins & waste, loosening adhesion's, lifting connective tissue and bringing blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles. This form of Myofascial release and lymphatic drainage is efficient and speedy to address a myriad of stubborn conditions such as:

Muscular Pain

Rejuvenating Skin

Removes congestion in joints aiding range of motion

Cleanses blood improving circulation

Stimulates digestive system

Cellulite Treatment

                           name a few.      

Therapeutic Massages  ~ 

~ Deep Tissue Massage & Neuromuscular Therapy……………………………. 
   Deep Tissue releases body tension through slow strokes and deep pressure on contracted areas across fibers of muscle, tendons and fascia. 

Neuromuscular Therapy ~ Problems in any body system can create nerve impulses that stimulates muscles to contract and form muscle bands- ouch.. those tension spots! These areas of hypertonicity and ischemia are evaluated and treated to encourage release. 

~Myofascial Release Massage                                                               
    Myofasical Release is a very effective technique that provides sustained pressure into fascia to eliminate
painand restore motion. Fascia:  is a very densely woven connective tissue, covering and interpenetrating every muscle, bone,nerve, veins, and internal organs. When fascia is not healthy due to stress, poor posture, physical trauma, scarring, inflammation and/or structural misalignment, it loses it's pliability and becomes tight ... what is experienced as stress, tension, pain, loss of ease and range of motion.

~Thai Yoga Massage    …..…      see Thai Yoga Massage page for more info
     This ancient massage is a compassionate, healing approach combining the best in techniques including  acupressure, passive stretching, reflexology, aromatherapy and warm herbal compress therapy.  Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. Therapeutic for  transforming the body, mind and spirit into a place of peace.  
This massage is receive on a comfortable floor mat with you remaining in loose fitted clothing, little oil is used.  
                                         You do not have to be familiar with yoga to receive this massage!


  ~Tension Release Massage ……………………......   

         This massage focuses on relieving tension in the neck, shoulders

    and head. 

~ Reflexology…  feet, hands, face ……………..      
         Based on the study of acupressure points and their connection with the body, acupressure is applied to work on these points on the feet, hands and facial Marma  to impact physical and psychological balance.



                                                     Packages and Gift Certificates Available                                 Feel free to call to schedule or for more info